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Essence Sparkle Sand Effect


I was always intrigued by OPI's Liquid Sand nail polishes but since I wasn't sure if it was my cup of tea I never cared to buy one. But then I came across this version of Essence which is called Sparkle Sand Effect and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

I bought the color hey, nude! (163) because I wanted something a bit more natural. The application was very easy, I like the bristles and how their wand is rather large. It dried after about 20 minutes. I couldn't stop going over my nails with my fingertips, it feels so cool! After 2 days it started chipping, but just a little bit and since it's a very natural color it wasn't really noticeable. After 4 days I took it off which, by the way, wasn't easy at all. I had to use 2 cotton pads to get it all off and had to rub really hard which destroyed the cotton pads completely. After that I had to go over with a nail file because there were still a few chunks of glitter and 'sand' left on my nails. But overall I really enjoyed this nail-polish.

Essence Sparkle Sand Effect €1,69 (8ml).


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