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Buxom Lip Polish In Dolly


I have had my blog for about 4 months now and for the most part I wrote reviews about lipsticks. One thing that I don't buy that often are lip glosses though. So I thought that I would try something different and write a review about a lipgloss for once. I had heard nothing but great things about the Buxom lip glosses and I have wanted to try one out for the longest time! For those who aren't familiar with this brand, Buxom is a color line from Bare Escentuals. The product they are most famous for are their lip polishes.

The packaging looks very expensive and it's rather solid and big. I really like the font of their brand name and how it's silver-colored. It has a dough foot applicator, which is what I prefer to apply a lipgloss.

Dolly is a light, shimmering plum color. It's the original and a much beloved cult product in the beauty industry. It's very sheer and looks natural on the lips. This lipgloss looks good on its own but would be amazing topped over another lipstick.

Things you should know about the Buxom lip polish:

Buxom lip polish is available online here for about €21 . One tube contains 4,45ml.

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