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Bourjois Color Edition 24h Eye Shadow


I have been waiting and waiting for these to come out but they're no where to be found in Belgium. Luckily, on my last trip to France, I found them! It was the first store I saw these in, probably because Bourjois is a french brand. The packaging looks very similar to the Maybelline color tattoos, but these ones have a powdery finish (cream to powder). I was so intrigued by that idea so I immediately tried it out!

As I said before, the packaging is very similar to Maybelline's cream eyeshadows, it's see-through on the bottom. Each eyeshadow contains 5g.

I got the color Kaki Chéri which is a shimmering warm green. The consistency of these shadows is so weird. At first when I applied it it felt so creamy and soft but then ones it was on the lids it dried into a powdery finish. The application can be a bit tricky as they tend to stay where you put them, so blending them out isn't the easiest. Also, they don't spread evenly. I found that on the center of my eyelid the color was less intense than on the rest of the eye. Maybe I just applied it the wrong way, I don't know. But overall, these are great eyeshadows. The color is really intense and I like how it has a powdery finish. You just have to put in a little extra work on the application :)

Swatch of Bourjois' "Kaki Chéri" (04)

The Bourjois Color Edition 24 hours Eyeshadows are available in the drugstore (maybe not everywhere YET) and cost €11,50 each. 

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