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Bobbi Brown Blush In Pink Coral

Bobbi Brown Pink Coral blush (31)
This blush is part of Bobbi Brown's limited edition fall collection which is called "Rich Chocolate". It's also the first product I ever tried from this brand, and I do have to say that I was impressed.

The packaging is very compact and typical Bobbi Brown. I always like it when you can see the product through the packaging, it makes it easier to find it on your collection.

Pink Coral is a matte coral shade. It's described as "bright nectar" but I don't really see that in this blush. As part of the fall collection, I don't really think it's very fall-like, it's more a color for spring and summer, but I will definitely wear this blush whenever I feel like it. Although it has a warm undertone, it's very light once applied. I would say it's more for girls with paler skin, not sure if it would look great on darker skin tones. It blended easily into the skin and it has more of a powdery finish. It lasted for a good 7 hours on me and then it started fading away a little bit.

Swatch of Bobbi Brown Pink Coral blush

The Bobbi Brown Pink Coral blush is limited edition. You can find it online on the French Spehora website here for about €28 (but you can always find a discount code). The blush contains 3,7g which isn't an overload of product.

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