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bareMinerals The Happy Place


Oh happy place, where have you been? Not just as in the state of mind but as in this beautiful eyeshadow palette as well! I love being in my happy place, but lately I have a hard time finding it.. But I'll get there eventually, I just have to try to keep a positive outlook on life and I'll be just fine. And aside from family and friends I always have little fun bits and pieces to get me there, such as this gorgeous eyeshadow palette by bareMinerals. Yes, makeup does make me feel better, how materialistic that may sound. Doing my makeup and pampering myself always makes me feel better about myself and just in general gives me a better feeling. But enough rambling, let's go on with this little eyeshadow palette!

bareMinerals is a brand that uses minerals as their fundamental ingredient. In this eyeshadow palette they used anti-aging ingredients such as caffeine and cucumber. It has no parabens, binders, filters or any harsh chemicals. 
The packaging is a classic matte black with the silver logo on top. It has a mirror and a dual ended eyeshadow applicator on the inside

The Happy Place is a quad that contains 4 neutral toned shades. Peace is a soft peachy orange that doesn't have shimmer but it's not really matte either. Imagine is warm golden and shimmery orange. Exhale is a taupe with a matte finish. Euphoria is a dark shimmering brown with a hint of orange undertone. This quad contains 5g, so that's about 1,25 per eyeshadow, which is a decent amount for an eyeshadow palette but it's not an overload of product either.

The quality of these eyeshadows is amazing, it's right up there with UD. And being the biggest UD fan that's a huge thing to say. Their pigmentation is just amazing, it's so soft and creamy and not too powdery and it applies heavenly. The colors blend nicely together, you can create a beautiful eye-look just by using this palette on its own, the shades look gorgeous together. I love how this palette has both matte and shimmery shades and both darker and lighter shades!

Swatches of bareMinerals READY eyeshadow 4.0 in "The Happy Place"
For some reason it wouldn't show up on camera, it was much prettier in real life!
This eyeshadow palette is an amazing addition to my makeup stash. The quality is excellent and colors are gorgeous! And the best part: it's on sale on beautybay.com! In stead of €34,90 you only pay €24,80.

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