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Urban Decay Fall Limited Edition Nail Polish in Vice


After treating our eyes with beautiful eyeshadows and palettes (Naked!), our lips (Revolution Lipsticks!), Urban Decay decided to give our nails a threat as well. Spoiling us with a fall limited edition collection of 2 nail polishes, they just keep on overwhelming us with quality. Again with their badass packaging and rich pigments this is just another one of their amazing new products.

Vice is a dark purple with gorgeous red and bleu multidimensional shimmer. The brush, with its 400 strands, is perfect and makes the application very easy. It applied evenly without any strokes. After two coats it looked fully opaque and it dried within half an hour, which is relatively fast. It did need a top coat to add a little shine, but apart  from that it's perfect. This just feels and looks and IS so luxurious, I wish more nail polish brands would learn from this master.

I don't know about the wearing length, but I'll definitely keep you guys updated on this one. I seriously hope that they will bring out some more beautiful shades because this was just absolutely impressing.

€11,70 (9ml) available in stores and online at BeautyBay.com

PS: The Bourjois nail polish stayed on my nails for about 6 days (I put the picture up 2 days after I first applied it) before it started chipping, which is pretty amazing, but not what it said on the packaging.
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