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Urban Decay "Easy Baked"

Urban Decay Eyeshadow €17 (1,5g) available online on lookfantastic.com
If you would ask me what my ultimate favorite eyeshadow brand is, my answer would definitely be Urban Decay. With their world famous and beloved eyeshadow palettes, their single eyeshadows are just as great. And not only is their quality amazing, they always have the most amazing and original packaging.

Easy Baked is the lighter sister of Half Baked, which you can find in both Naked 1 & 2. It's a light golden color, perfect for a bronzy look. As always the pigmentation and quality of this eyeshadow is amazing, just like the other UD products it did not let me down. With its velvety and creamy texture it blends super easy and stays in place the entire day, without creasing (used with UD's Primer Potion). The only negative thing I could say about this shadow is that when it's topped upon another color or cream eyeshadow, it's very flakey and the finish isn't as smooth and velvety. But on it's own or with another color on top, it's perfect.

Swatch of Urban Decay's "Easy Baked"

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