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Tesori D'Oriente Hammam Body Scrub


I discovered an Italian treasure the other day! I found this body scrub at the local drugstore and it's so so so good! The brand is "Tesori d'Oriente" and it's an Italian beauty-product line. I picked up the shower oil and perfume as well, because the scent is just too die for and the quality is perfect. With this scrub in your shower, you can have a hammam experience any day, anytime. with just the right amount of scrub, it's not to harsh on the skin, but it still leaves your body feeling fresh and clean afterwords. Even the smell lingers on your body for hours after you got out of the shower. I thought the Rituals body scrub was my absolute favorite, until I discovered this baby!

"In the Tesori line, precious fragrances and spices of the world combined to form the modern scents of ancient civilizations and wondrous destinations that these trips call while bathing to create at home."

€6,95 for 300 ml and you can find in Italian drugstores or order it online here.

An absolute treasure, that is what you are! A new holy grail product that I would recommend everyone :)


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