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PUPA Ultra Brilliant Lipstick in Candy Nude (new favorite!)

"102 Candy Nude"
This is a lipstick that I bought while I was in Italy and I'm so happy I did! I'm glad to say that it's my newest obsession. The formulation, the color, ... everything is just absolutely amazing about this product. I don't even think that I could say one negative thing about this.

Pupa is an Italian brand that is also available here in our region, although it is slightly more expensive here. This lipstick for example was €9,50 in Italy and here it's about €15,95.

Candy Nude is the most beautiful pinkish nude I have ever seen. It gives you just the right amount of color so that it is visible that you're wearing something on your lips, but not over the top. It's very buildable and the pigmentation is amazing! After two swipes your lips are fully covered and they stay that way for about 4 hours. After that your lips are still hydrated with a subtle hint of color. And the best part, it has SPF 15! Not many lip products that I enjoy and love this much contain SPF, so that makes this one even more perfect!

Swatch of Pupa's "102 Candy Pink"
"102 Candy Pink" on my lips

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