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Kiko Water Eyeshadow

Water Eyeshadow in "219"
Exploring local shops is one of the things I like most about visiting another country. Kiko is an Italian makeup brand, but you can get it in other countries as well. Except for Belgium, of course. You could compare it to a MAC cosmetics shop, just a little bit cheaper. I had only tried a lipstick of this brand before and did not like it. But I heard a lot of great things about these eyeshadows so I decided to give them another chance.

The water eyeshadow is a long-lasting product that you can use wet or dry and it comes in a bunch of different colors. It was difficult to make a choice because there were so many beautiful shades. I only wanted to buy one color that way if I didn't like it I didn't waste too much money. This is a beautiful light-pink/gold shimmery shade that looks good on every skin tone. The packaging is compact and chic and the eyeshadow itself has a beautiful relief and shape. 

About this product:
A swatch of Kiko Water Eyeshadow in "219"
If you happen to pass by a Kiko store, definitely swatch these eyeshadows, they are so beautiful and pigmented and worth trying out. Kiko definitely won me over this time!  :)

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