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Kiko Night Balm

Kiko Night Balm €5,90 (6,5 ml)
When I first saw this in the Kiko shop I remember thinking "Wait, what? A night cream for the lips, that actually exists?!" Being the gigantic lippies junkie it ended up in my shopping cart pretty fast. I don't really remember why I bought it because I thought it would be like a normal lip balm, nothing special. But when I woke up after I had applied this just before bed-time I was actually quite surprised. My lips felt super soft and hydrated, it had definitely left his mark on my lips. It has a faint floral scent and feels a bit greasy, the texture is a lot like Vaseline. Although it's supposed to be a "night balm" you could easily use it during the day as well.

My lips feel soft and hydrated upon awakening, so this does a great job at nourishing. Although I'm really happy with this product, it doesn't do much more than a simple Vaseline would do.

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