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Chanel fall 2013: Rouge Coco in "Mystique"

€27,90 (3,5 g) Available at Chanel counters or online
"Mystique" is a beautiful orange/nude color that's part of Chanel's fall 2013 collection. It's not limited edition, so it got added to their permanent collection, which I think is a great move. It's a wearable and universal color that goes with every season.

Rouge Coco in "57 Mystique"
With its creamy texture it applies very smooth and softens and conditions the lips as well. It stayed on my lips for quite a long time (about 4 hours), but after dinner I had to reapply. I think the color is beautiful, although I had expected a little bit more intensity. It's very subtle and natural, but you can still see you're wearing a lipstick. It's pretty much opaque and covers up the lips, but there was still a little transparency noticeable.

I have loved the Rouge Coco (Shine) collection from Chanel for a while now, and this is no exception! :)

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