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Catrice Eve In Bloom


"Eve in Bloom" is a limited edition collection by Catrice and it has been out for a while now. I purchased two things from the collection a while back and have tried them out a few times. 

Soft Duo Eyeshadow in "CO2 Beauty Bouquet" €3,99 (4g)
This is probably my favorite thing out of this collection. It's a beautiful duo eyeshadow palette with a shimmering very light purple, it's actually almost a champagne color, and a gorgeous deep purple that's perfect for in the crease. You can make a beautiful eye look with this palette, only using these two colors. Their pigmentation is great and they didn't crease on my eyelids.

Lip and Cheek color in "CO2 Rosebuddy" €3,89 (3,8g)
This, on the other hand, I'm just not the biggest fan off. It is by far not the best cream blush I have ever tried and the quality is so-so. It has a shiny finish on the cheeks, so no powdery/matte touch. It has no shimmer and it's a plain red color. It did stay on for quite a long time, but I'm just not sold on this one. Don't understand me wrong, it's not a bad product, but I've just not been liking it so far.

PS: When I upload my pictures, they turn up darker and with less quality than the original picture and it's really bothering me. The colors show up differently and it's working on me nerves. Does anyone else have this problem? :(

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