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Cabana Boy Blush By theBalm


theBalm is a brand that always caught my eye with their super adorable packaging and original products. Cabana Boy is one of their blushes that recently came out and it's also my first product ever from this brand. Trying new and unknown (for me) brands is always fun and so I was very exited when I saw a whole stand of theBalm goodies at Di. I noticed that not all Di shops carry this brand, but I got mine from Knokke.

According to theBalm, this blush "will ensure that you have all the boys attending to you". Maybe now I will finally find my dream man ;)

First of, theBalm prides itself for using no talc in their shadows and blushes and their products are all cruelty and paraben-free. I normally don't actually bother to look at the ingredients, but it's always nice to know that a product is paraben-free and it's especially nice to know that the product you're buying is of good quality. And don't even get me started on the packaging. So freakin' cute!

Cabana Boy is a gorgeous dusty-rose blush with a plum undertone and small particles of shimmer, but nothing too much. Because of its warm undertones and subtle plum, it looks good on every skin-tone, even cooler-toned skin.

The quality of this blush is extraordinary. Because of its high pigmentation you do need to spend some extra time on the blending part, but with a good blush brush, it's fine. It stayed on my cheeks the entire day, no touch-ups were necessary. 

Swatch of theBalm's "Cabana Boy"
If you're intrested in this beautiful product, you can get it at selected Di stores or on theBalm's website. I payed €16 (8,5g) for mine.

Wearing "Cabana Boy" on my cheeks
If you're looking for a decent higher-end blush with great quality and an honest price (and cute packaging!), consider this one for sure!

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