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Vaseline Spray & Go


I have to say, moisturizing my body isn't something I look forward to after taking a shower. Rubbing it on, letting it soak in,... I'm just way too lazy, especially in the morning. But now that we're having this gorgeous weather here in Belgium, my skin needs that extra nourishment. So I decided to give this Vaseline Spray & Go a chance.

Available in 3 variations, I picked up the Aloe Fresh one. It sprays on like a light-weigth lotion, easy to rub it in. They do a great job at moisturizing and give my skin the nicest glow. The smell isn't overwhelming but still it stays with you all day. It's just as easy as spraying it on, rubbing it in, getting dressed and you're good to go! Literarily a matter of seconds.

Other things you might want to know about this product:

The lovely smell and easiest application make this product a winner for me. A true revelation.

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