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Urban Decay De-Slick mattifying powder


Looking like a walking disco-ball on a hot summer day isn't exactly what I like, yet it happens to me every single time. I have used various setting/mattifying powders from MAC to Milani and even Rimmel. Sure, it works for about 3 hours, but then my oil just pops up again. Therefor, finding a good setting powder is very important to me. There are days that my makeup needs to stay in place for more then 12 hours, and there are not a lot of powders that can handle that. Finding the perfect one isn't always easy, and sometimes, when you finally do find one that does the trick, it can look too powdery, and that's no fun either.

So when I heard that Urban Decay relaunched their mattifying powder, I thought it was about time I put this one to the test. The packaging is very Urban Decay bad-ass-ish and quite heavy for a powder. There's a mirror inside and an applicator that somehow sticks to the mirror, I guess it's magnetic or something. The powder itself is white (Urban Decay says it's lavender?) and transparent.

Facts about this product:

Yes, Urban Decay did a really nice job with these, again! My new holy grail powder! :)

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