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Stila Custom Color Blush

Stila self-adjusting "Pink" (€ 15,20) available at beautybay.com

One-shade-fits-all blush?! Yes please! I was so intrigued by this powder blush, how can it possibly look good on everyone?! Especially this kind of vibrant pink. According to the site it works like this:
- "Reacts to the wearer's pH levels to create the perfect shade every time"
- "Harmonizes with your own skin tone to enhance your natural beauty, not overwhelm it"

Once I applied it to my cheeks, the color didn't look as vibrant as it looked in the packaging. I guess this is what they mean by self-adjusting, it creates a beautiful light-pink color that looks good on my skin. As for the "looking good on anyone"-part, I couldn't tell you because I only tried it on myself. It did a great job at blending and it stays for quite a long time. The packaging is beautiful and compact, perfect for traveling.

Wearing the blush in "Pink"

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