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NYX Doll Eye Mascara: Extreme Jet Black

Doll eye Mascara in "DE02 Volume" available on cherryculture.com

If I had to go camping and could only bring 2 makeup items with me, I would definitely pick my concealer and mascara. Applying a few coats of mascara adds the finishing touch to every look, making it look so much more dramatic. I could just swipe on a few coats and go out the door in a hurry. That's why finding the perfect mascara is very important. This one promises me everything I like a mascara to have: extends eyelashes while adding a ton of volume. Now that sounds promising. Take a look :)

After using this one a couple of times, I started having a love-hate relationship with this mascara, here's why:

Love... the way this mascara adds volume, making my eyelashes look very dramatic and bold.
Love... how it really lengthens my eyelashes, almost to faux proportions.
Love... the packaging, adorable and classic.
Love... the price. $9 isn't bad for a mascara.
Hate... how this one clumps my lashes like crazy.
Hate... the dry texture. I love my mascaras to be a bit liquid, but this one is so dry, it's hard to add on more layers.

This picture was taken right after application. Although this looks pretty good, it starts clumping more and more the longer you wear it. I wouldn't recommend this one, but I think I'll use it up, just for how it adds volume and length, that way I didn't waist all my money.

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