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New Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks

Revolution lipsticks retailing at €18,50 available on lookfantastic.com

A revolution, you could say that.
Urban Decay added a whole new line of lipsticks to their already amazing collection, making it even more amazebeans. The collections exists of 22 beautiful, intense colors.

"CREAMY, BADASS LUXURY. Our Pigment Infusion System delivers insane color payoff with creamy shine, Maxi-Lip plumps and nourishing oils leave lips cushiony soft."

Native & Turn On

With their jojoba and shea butter (among some other great ingredients) they moisturize the lips pretty well, although I had expected more nourishment. They apply very smooth, one swipe and you're all set. The colors are so intense and creamy, and when you first apply them to the lips, they have a shiny finish. However this changes a bit along the way, as they dry into a more velvet, silky finish, yet not matte. 
As for the plumping, I didn't notice much difference, and there was no tickly feeling you sometimes get with plumping lip products, which I don't really like anyway.
They didn't survive a meal, but between that they stayed in place. You can drink or have a snack, without having to reapply or looking like tramp with lipstick allover the face.

The packaging looks elegant and chique, like a lipstick that cost you way more then only €18,50.


Turn On (my favorite!)

It's safe to say that these will be hyped like crazy, and I can understand why. One of the best lipsticks I own so far, decently priced, gorgeous color selection and easily available worldwide! A REVOLUTION.

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