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New Essence stay no matter what eyeshadow sticks


Essence discontinued some of their stuff and added a series of new products to their assortment. These waterproof jumbo eye pencils were the first things to catch my attention on the promo adds, so I was very excited to find them at my local drugstore. I picked up 3 colors:

They cost € 2,59 each and for that you get 2,65 gr. I believe they come in 8 different shades. They're not retractible, so you do have to sharpen them.

The pigmentation really surprised me and it's the primary reason why they ended up in my shopping cart. The colors are gorgeous, pigmented and not too sparkly. They're definitely not the easiest to apply, but with a little help from my good friend the blending brush, it all worked out. The swatches didn't come of when I was holding my arm underneath water, so it's safe to say that they're waterproof! Also, you can use them as eyeliner, eyeshadow or even just as an eyeshadow base. They should have them everywhere they sell Essence, so check them out if you're interested :)

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