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New Essence longlasting lipsticks

"O1 Coral Calling" & "07 Natural Beauty"
I told you guys in this post that Essence came out with some new products. After trying the eyeshadow sticks, I decided to give their new lipsticks a try as well. 

The packaging looks very elegant and chic, not like most other Essence products. It doesn't feel cheap, and what I like most about these is that you can see which color it is without having to open them up or putting them upside down.

They say it's longlasting, but since it's a lipstick that cost me less then €3 I didn't expect that much from it. But to my surprise, the quality is actually really, really good! They apply very smooth, almost like you're putting water on your lips. The texture is creamy and light and very comfortable on the lips. They hydrate my lips when they're extra thirsty, so they don't leave your lips dry or streaky. And they stayed on my lips for a good 5 hours! They easily survived some tea and after I had dinner the color was still there! The shine didn't make it, but I was so surprised that the color was still showing up! There are 10 shades in the range to chose from, but I liked these two the most. 

Left: Coral Calling / Right: Natural Beauty
"Coral Calling"
"Natural Beauty"
They are now available in stores for €2,39 and each tube contains 3,8 g.

I was really impressed with the quality of these newly added lipsticks. The colors are beautiful and they last for a good 5 hours on the lips. For that kind of money, you just don't want to hesitate! :)

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