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Maybellline Baby Lips

The biggest rage from America finally hit the stores in our little country. My beloved BABY LIPS! I already had a few of them that I bought on my vacation to Florida, so I got really excited when I heard the news that they were going to be sold in our stores as well.

These lip balms are unlike any lip balm I've ever tried. First of all, can we please talk about the packaging? So colorful and fun, it makes you happy just by looking at them. But then the smell. That just makes you even more happy! And it's not just the packaging or the smell, they are the definition of hydrating. My lips feel so soft after I apply this, just like a baby's skin. Here in Belgium there are 5 different ones available. Two with some color pay-off, and three sheer ones. They are all equally amazing, but my favorite is definitely Pink Punch.
Baby Lips awesomeness:
Fruit Punch /  Cherry Me / Hydrate / Mint Fresh / Intense Care
PS: Stay tuned, as there will be a Baby Lips giveaway up on the blog tomorrow! :)

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