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Unboxing: Deauty July 2013

Hi guys! Yesterday, the Deauty box came in the mail. It's a monthly subscription box that we have here in Belgium, which costs € 15 a month. I wanted to show you what was in this month's box, which was pretty good. I'm happy with the products, but there have been better boxes. This month's theme was RESPECT, respect for nature, so all the beauty products are organic and nature friendly. The most exciting thing for me was The Body Shop shea body scrub, it's a full size, and the smell is AMAZING!

In this month's box:
Avril eye liner (full size)
Avril nail polish (full size)
The Body Shop Shea body scrub (full size)
Alepia organic soap (full size)
René Furterer night mask (sample size)
René Furterer leave-in nourishing cream (sample size)


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